Health insurance plans are designed to provide valuable protection against accidents, hospital treatment, ill health and residential nursing care. There are typically three types of health insurance protection plan; those that pay a set lump sum, those that pay a regular monthly income, and those that meet the cost of medical treatments.

Our health insurance service
Our health and payment protection insurance quote service is free, and is designed to do the “shopping around” for you. It will help you select the right policy, provide you with a guide to choosing the right level of insurance cover you need and you will benefit from an immediate discount for purchasing online. Quotes and cover can be obtained online or if you prefer over the telephone with one of our healthcare specialists.

Payment protection insurance or ASU insurance as it is commonly known, is designed to cover the cost of your loan or mortgage payments if you are unable to work as a result of accident, sickness or unemployment.

Permanent health insurance provides a replacement income in the event of long term disability. Insurance benefits are normally paid out tax-free until recovery, death or retirement but plans have a longer waiting period than payment protection insurance, typically 90 or 120 days, before claims are paid.

Critical illness insurance provides you with a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious illness, such as cancer or heart attack. Quote now.

Long term care insurance provides a regular income, normally to the care provider, if you are unable to look after yourself and need long term nursing care.

Personal accident insurance pays out a tax-free lump sum normally as a result of permanent and total disability or loss of a limb or loss of sight.

Private medical insurance is designed to provide you with immediate access to medical specialists and meet the costs of private medical treatment.

Health cash plans are entry level plans that pays out a tax-free sum to cover a range of optical, medical and dental treatments.

Travel insurance plans are designed to cover the cost of medical treatment you may need overseas. All of our plans are individually assessed and will normally include valuable against the cost of medical treatment for pre existing medial conditions.

Enhancements & discounts
Our enhancements and product discounts for health insurance plans change on a regular basis and depend on the terms we negotiate with the insurance groups. Typically our enhancements and commission discounts range from a minimum of 50% up to 75%. The enhancements and discounts are not available if you purchase plans directly from the healthcare product providers.

Review service
Our health insurance review service is designed to check the benefits and cost of an existing health insurance or payment protection plan. For example we provide an accident, sickness & unemployment insurance policy that pays out after only 30 days illness rather than the standard 60 days. Payments are also backdated to day one. So if you are off work for 60 days you get twice as much tax-free income as most accident and sickness plans.

To request a quote
Complete our health insurance enquiry form or call one of our specialist health insurance advisers to request your free health and payment protection insurance quote. As an internet based firm of independent financial advisers we provide advice over the telephone, via email and through the post. Dealing with you in this way allows us to discount our commissions to provide you with the lowest priced health insurance and protection policies.

Help & advice
There are many different options to consider when choosing health and protection insurance and it makes sense to take advice from a qualified specialist who is independent and can offer you products and services from the whole of the market place. Please call one of our independent advisers or contact us to discuss the different options available to you and to request your health insurance or payment protection insurance quote.