Life assurance policies pay out a lump sum on the death of the policy owner and are normally used for family protection or to provide security against a debt, such as your mortgage. Life assurance policies known as term assurance are the simplest and cheapest form of life assurance.

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Use our online software to search through all of the latest rates, print off your own quotes and download application forms and trust documents. Using our online life assurance software allows you to arrange your new life assurance policy in less then ten minutes. Obtain your online life assurance quote now.

Mortgage term assurance
Used in conjunction with a repayment mortgage, the life assurance reduces in line with the capital balance of your repayment mortgage. The initial level of life assurance should be the same as your repayment mortgage, and the term of the policy consistent with the term of the mortgage.

Level term assurance
Normally used in conjunction with an interest only mortgage, or to provide family protection, the life assurance remains constant throughout the term of the policy. The initial level of life assurance should be the same as your interest only mortgage, or be sufficient to protect your family, and the term of the policy consistent with the term of your mortgage or your dependents needs.

Enhancements & discounts
Our enhancements and product discounts for life assurance policies change on a regular basis and depend on the terms we negotiate with the insurance groups. Typically our commission discounts range from a minimum of 50% up to 75%.

Tax planning
Life assurance policies can be used as a tool to mitigate or reduce inheritance tax and are used in business for key man and shareholder protection . A wide range of trusts and tax planning documents are available for individuals and businesses. Learn more about trusts.

Alternative options
Critical illness insurance provides protection against serious illnesses such as cancer and heart attack. Obtain an online critical illness quote now.

Endowment assurance allows you to combine savings and protection in one policy.

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Help & advice
There are many different options to consider when choosing life assurance and it makes sense to take advice from a qualified specialist who is independent and can offer you products and services from the whole of the market place. Please call one of our independent advisers or contact us to discuss the different options available to you and to request your life assurance quote.