Whether you are a first time buyer looking for a 100% mortgage, have a poor credit history, looking to raise money to consolidate your debts or simply re mortgaging to find a better rate, it makes sense to take independent mortgage advice to find the best mortgage available.

Our mortgage advice service
Our mortgage advice service is free, we do not charge any broker fees, and we can normally provide you with a binding decision within 24 hours. We use the latest software to research over 4000 mortgage deals from the whole of the mortgage market and as independent mortgage advisers we make a recommendation to you on the most appropriate mortgage for your circumstances before guiding you through all of the paperwork. Complete our mortgage advice enquiry form.

Purchases & re mortgages
Use our online mortgage software to search through all of the latest deals, our rate beater tool to show you lenders who would offer you a cheaper mortgage or contact us and let us help you find the right mortgage for your circumstances.

In addition to finding you the best interest rate we can help with: 100% mortgages, debt consolidation, self-employed with no accounts, no proof of income, self cert, poor credit history, mortgage arrears, buy to let and properties of non-standard construction.

100% mortgages
No deposit, additional funds required to cover purchase costs or debt consolidation. Mortgages and capital raising re mortgages available up to 130% of purchase price / valuation for first time buyers, purchasers and existing mortgage borrowers.

Debt consolidation
Credit card debts, loans and overdrafts. Debt consolidation to reduce monthly outgoing and capital raising for any purpose. Self-certification or no proof of income, employed and self employed, poor credit history and mortgage arrears. Schemes to 125% loan to value.

Self employed no accounts
Recent self employment or no certified accounts. Self-certification of income with extended income multiples after minimum 6 months self employment with binding approvals within 24 hours.

No proof of income
Multiple income sources. Variable bonuses, irregular commission, second jobs, state benefits, maintenance payments. Simple affordability declaration for employed and self employed to 90% loan to value.

Poor credit history
Missed credit payments, CCJ’s (county court judgements), historical IVA’s and bankruptcy. First time buyers, purchasers and re mortgages with a poor credit rating to 95% loan to value.

Mortgage arrears
Missed mortgage payments, unlimited mortgage arrears and repossession notices. Employed and self employed with unlimited debt consolidation to 85% loan to value. Re mortgage only.

Non standard construction
Houses and flats built using non standard construction such as Airey, Cornish, Dyke, Stonecrete, and Wates. Also high rise flats, flats with open balcony access and right to buy.

Buy to let
Buy to let property purchases with no proof of income. First time landlords and experienced landlords with multiple properties. Loans based on rental estimates from 100% of proposed rental. Purchases and re mortgages to 90% loan to value.

Exclusive deals
In addition to 4000 mortgages from over 100 different main high street lenders, building societies and centralised lenders we have access to exclusive mortgage deals available only to registered mortgage advisers. Our exclusive mortgage deals provide us with more solutions for difficult cases with poor credit ratings, very high income multiples and no proof of income. These exclusive mortgage deals are not available direct from the lenders.

Alternative options
Lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans allow home owners over 55 to release the equity built up in their property but without making any interest or capital repayments. Learn about equity release schemes.

Bridging loans allow you to arrange borrowing quickly, often within 24 hours, with facilities granted across multiple properties. Rates start from 1% per month.

Mortgage protection
Use our online comparison tools for life assurance quotes and critical illness insurance. Rates from £3.95 per month for £100 of accident, sickness and unemployment insurance (ASU).

To request a quote
Complete our online mortgage advice enquiry form or call one of our specialist independent mortgage advisers to receive free mortgage advice. As an internet based firm of independent financial advisers we provide advice over the telephone, via email and through the post. Dealing with you in this way means we can provide independent mortgage advice without charging you a broker fee.

Help & advice
There are many different options to consider when choosing a mortgage and it makes sense to take advice from a qualified mortgage specialist who is independent and can offer you products and services from the whole of the market place. Please call one of our independent advisers or contact us to discuss the different options available to you and to request a quote on the best mortgage for you.