Do you have a poor performing or high charging PEP? Whilst it has not been possible to invest any more money into a personal equity plan (PEP) since April 1999 it is possible to arrange PEP transfers to a new plan manager. You should consider PEP transfers if you are unhappy with the charges or performance of your existing PEP.

With any investment it is sensible to review how well it has performed and bench mark this performance against funds with the same objectives.

You should also consider whether your investments continue to meet your objectives. For example, initially you could have chosen to invest your savings for capital growth but now you require income from your investments.

High charges coupled with poor performance, will result in underperformance of your investments. Review how much your investment manager is charging you to manage your savings and decide whether this represents value for money.

After reviewing your PEP, if you are unhappy with the charges or performance, you can switch the value of your savings to another PEP provider without affecting the tax status.

You must transfer all of the savings from one plan manager to another. You cannot split your savings between plan managers and you cannot transfer ownership of your PEP to someone else.

What PEP transfers are available?
We offer over 800 of the best funds available to UK investors, from over 50 of the worlds leading investment groups, all within one simple tax free PEP wrapper.

In addition to our secure online purchase facility, once registered, you will be able to review stock prices, manage your portfolio online, and receive regular fund information.

Please visit our document centre to download the complete range of funds available and obtain details of the investment performance of each fund.

How do I complete my PEP transfers?
You can complete your PEP transfers very simply using our online PEP transfer facility through our ISA Supermarket.

You may also download a PEP transfer application form from our document centre or contact us for a transfer pack if you prefer to complete your PEP transfers off line at a later date.

We have reduced the cost of PEP transfers for people who use our online facilities and require no advice. We discount 100% of our initial commission and provide you with an immediate bonus on your savings. This discount is something you cannot obtain by going direct.

Looking for an alternative?

Review our discounts on profit bonds.

Do you want to invest in an ISA?
Go to ISAs explained and use our ISASupermarket to buy your new ISA

I need help
Call one of our independent and impartial financial advisors who will explain the different options available to you and answer any questions on PEP transfers.

Please note our on line facilities are designed for experienced investors who wish to make their own investment decisions. All investments contain an element of risk and the value of investments may fall as well as rise. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance and future bonuses are not guaranteed. You must regard any investment as medium to long term, at least a minimum of five years.